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Research Speech

Guidelines for writing a speech AND how you'll be graded. (rubric in the link)

Research Speech Checklist

What should I do if I finish early?

  • Add transitions to slideshow
  • Add color to slideshow
  • Add more pictures to slideshow
  • Use a google timer and practice your speech in your head (practice flipping through your notecards)
  • Check the rubric
  • Check the checklist

Monday - Intro to speech, read through guidelines, begin working on the slideshow

Tuesday - work day, get notecards from Mrs. Schmitt

Wednesday - work day, look at the checklist

Thursday - Halloween Fun

Friday - work day, complete items on checklist, add transitions to your slideshow

Monday 11/4 - rehearse speech with google timer and a few classmates

Tuesday 11/5 - presentation day! Most likely not everyone will be able to go on Tuesday (especially 1st hour). Name cards will be used to determine the presentation order, this means you must be ready at any time.

Wednesday 11/6 Finish presentations