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Every student has the right to learn.

Every student has the right to feel safe.

How much homework does Mrs. Schmitt assign?

Homework will be kept to a minimum with the understanding that in-class time is given. If you are coming home with a lot of homework from me multiple times a week, it is an indicator that in-class work time is not being used properly. Any assignment not turned in after three late days will be given a zero and marked incomplete.

What are the policies that Mrs. Schmitt enforces in the classroom?

Tardy – A referral will be written for the 4th tardy and each consecutive tardy beyond until the end of the semester. Forgetting materials in a locker or bringing a backpack to class will be subject to a tardy per Mrs. Schmitt’s discretion.

Student planners are required in order for a student to be granted permission to leave the classroom (unless indicated by an approved student health plan).

Student Responsibility and Accountability – Goals, strategies, and classwork are building blocks towards high school success. I hold students to high standards and expect them to take ownership of their choices.

Backpacks – must be kept in lockers during the day for all middle school students. Any student who chooses to bring a backpack to class will be told to place it in the locker and receive a tardy.

Food – indicated by an approved health plan, as a birthday treat, or provided for a class activity/celebration per Mrs. Schmitt’s approval.

Cell Phones/Personal Electronic Devices – must be kept in a locker or out of sight. Any student caught with a device will surrender the item to Mrs. Schmitt. A second offense will require a parent/guardian to pick up the item from the school.