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Daily Agenda/Assignments

6/5/2020 -- Friday LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Dear 7th Graders,

I greatly enjoyed being your reading and language arts teacher this year. It definitely was a wild ride with my absence a bit in November/early December and then Covid-19. We've made it through. Thank you for your spunk and willingness to try something new. That is what makes learning fun. I hope you enjoy your summer break and that we can all be back at school in the fall. Seek opportunities to learn something new this summer, experience the outdoors, read a book, learn a new skill, sleep in until noon, stay up late --- just enjoy life!
Sincerely, Mrs. Schmitt

6/4/2020 -- Thursday

  • Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the year. As noted on the language arts agenda, Tuesday, all assignments were due by midnight last night. Grades in Skyward is where you stand. Soon grades will switch over to Pass/Fail.
  • Clean up your Google Drive. Create a Reading/LA 7 folder to store your things. I suggest you not delete any of those documents yet.

6/3/2020 -- Wednesday

6/2/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Take time today to organize your Google Drive. Create a folder for Reading/LA Grade 7 and move documents into the folder. I suggest you not delete any documents until quarter grades are final.

6/1/2020 -- Monday

  • It's June! We're almost done.
  • Check Skyward for missing work. Anything marked as missing is really missing. I do not have it. Make sure you email me when you submit something late.

5/29/2020 -- Friday

5/28/2020 -- Thursday

  • River Power Words Quiz -- You may use the River Imagery Article from yesterday while you take the quiz. -- due at 3pm today!

5/27/2020 -- Wednesday

  • I can identify the vivid language an author uses to tell a story.
  • Read and complete the highlighting activity for River Imagery Newsela article. -- due 9am Thursday

5/26/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Readtheory! Complete 2 quizzes if you are at 7th grade level or below, complete 1 quiz if you are 8th grade level or higher.

5/22/2020 -- Friday

  • The 'Soundtrack to My Life' project is due today by 3pm. Make sure you read the directions carefully! Remember, today is an early release day and you've had 3 class periods already to work on this.
  • No school on Monday, don't forget!

5/21/2020 -- Thursday

  • Continue working on the 'Soundtrack to My Life' project. Today's focus should be part 3. You are explaining how the song is connected to you.

5/20/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Continue working on the 'Soundtrack to My Life' project posted yesterday. You should work on Part 2. Use the Literary Devices doc from Monday to help you.
  • Make sure you read the directions carefully. Some people have already submitted the full assignment but didn't read the directions!

5/19/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Music has meaning. We're going to make a 'Soundtrack to My Life' project.
  • The assignment posted today will be due at 3pm on Friday. This means you will have work time for each of the 3 parts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for a total of 80 minutes. This project will take some time, effort, and require deep thinking.
  • Use the Literary Devices doc from Monday to help you with part 2 of the Soundtrack to My Life assignment.

5/18/2020 -- Monday

  • We will explore literary devices and how they are used in music lyrics. Look at this Literary Devices doc for definitions and examples. You will need to know these in order to complete the activity later this week.
  • There isn't anything to submit or share today.

5/15/2020 -- Friday

5/14/2020 -- Thursday

  • Learning Target: I can respond to a text I am reading by making deep-thinking annotations.
  • Read and annotate Particles Newsela article -- due 9am Friday

5/13/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Time Travel Newsela annotations are due today.
  • Learning Target: I can refer to the text to support my answer choice for the comprehension questions.
  • You will answer the comprehension questions for the Time Travel article you read yesterday. You may use the text while you answer the questions.

5/12/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Learning Target: I can respond to a text I am reading by making deep-thinking annotations.
  • Read and annotate the Time Travel Newsela article -- due 9am Wednesday

5/11/2020 -- Monday

  • Learning Target: I can go back in the text to find evidence to support my answer choice.
  • Complete 1 Readtheory quiz at 80% or higher. IF you are 8th-grade level or higher you can complete 1 quiz to best of your ability (you do not have a percentage to get to). To check what level you are at, click on reports on the top of the screen after logging in. You will see a number. For example, 6.5G means you are halfway through 6th-grade level. 4G is 4th grade.

5/8/2020 -- Friday

  • This is the final day to work on your reading project. Make sure you share your project/slideshow with me and make sure I have access to any links you share.

5/7/2020 -- Thursday -- check announcements page for a Google Doodle contest!

  • continue working on reading choice project -- due 3pm Friday

5/6/2020 -- Wednesday --- check announcements page for a Google Doodle contest!

  • Continue working on reading choice project -- due 3pm Friday
  • Read the directions on the slideshow carefully, pay attention to how you will be graded, plan to use 80 minutes to do the project.
  • Read something of your choice, create a project, and share the project with Mrs. Schmitt.

5/5/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Complete a reading-related activity that is completely your choice. -- due by 3pm Friday. Read through this slideshow for project requirements and some ideas. I'm leaving the bulk of the project up to you. Get creative!

5/4/2020 -- Monday

  • Complete 2 quizzes -- due 9am Tuesday
  • Note: readtheory quiz scores will count for today's assignment. If you are missing any in skyward, complete a total of 3 so one can count for your missing work.

5/1/2020 -- Friday

4/30/2020 -- Thursday

4/29/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Using the Newsela Volcano article from yesterday, write a short paragraph that tells the main idea and gives two details from the article. The details should support the main idea. This is linking back to the language arts lesson from last week.
  • This is due 9am Thursday.

4/28/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Today's lesson will help you prepare for Friday's Language Arts lesson.
  • Learning Target: I can read and annotate an article with 6-8 deep-level thinking comments.
  • Read and annotate Newsela Volcano article -- due 9am Wednesday

4/27/2020 -- Monday

  • Today's lesson will help you prepare for Tuesday's Language Arts lesson.
  • Learning Target: I can read and annotate an article looking for specific text evidence about the exposition part of writing.
  • Read and highlight Exposition - Newsela Article - due 9am Tuesday

4/24/2020 -- Friday

  • AOW should be done and shared with Mrs. Schmitt already
  • Essential Question: How can you stay connected at a distance?
  • Look through the ideas doc, choose an activity, do it and complete the reflection form linked in the ideas doc.

4/23/2020 -- Thursday

  • Reflect on what we learned Mon.-Wed. of this week. How are people finding ways to fulfill social connections while being socially distant? Last week we read an article about teddy bears in windows.
  • Assignment: You need to find an article of your choice from any appropriate NEWS source that shows how people are staying connected while following social distance rules. You will write an AOW for your article. You MUST copy the website to the top of your AOW so I can view the article. This is due by 9am Friday.

4/22/2020 -- Wednesday (ZOOM check-in at 1pm today!)

  • Continue working on yesterday's Human Connection Newsela Article -- due by 9am Thursday.
  • If you are already done with the article, check Skyward for missing work and submit. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ASSIGNMENT TITLES AND SKYWARD TITLES.

4/21/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Learning Target: I can read and annotate an article by looking for text evidence that specifically answers the essential questions. (This is the same as yesterday. We are continuing to practice)
  • Read and Annotate Human Connection Newsela Article -- due by 9am Thursday. You have two days to work on this.

4/20/2020 -- Monday

  • Essential Questions: Why do humans need social interaction? How does social interaction influence a person's physical, emotional, and mental well-being?
  • Learning Target: I can read and annotate an article by looking for text evidence that specifically answers the essential questions.
  • Read and Annotate Social Connection article -- due by 9am Tuesday

4/17/2020 -- Friday

  • SSR Day -- read for 20 minutes and complete this reading log
  • CHECK SKYWARD for missing assignments!
  • You've made it to the end of week 3. Congratulations! Enjoy your weekend.

4/16/2020 -- Thursday

  • Open this slideshow to get today's lesson.
  • Complete google form in slideshow
  • Complete 1 quiz on -- email me if you don't have your username and password.

4/15/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Learning Target: I can respond to what I am reading by making annotations.
  • Open this slideshow to get to today's lesson.
  • Read and annotate the newsela article in the slideshow. This is due by 9am Thursday.

4/14/2020 -- Tuesday

  • The student poll indicated the next topic of learning is Connected at a Distance: Covid-19.
  • Open this slideshow and follow instructions to complete the pre-learning doc and exit ticket doc. Both need to be shared with Mrs. Schmitt by 9 am Wednesday.

4/13/2020 -- Monday

  • I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend and Easter (if you chose to celebrate).
  • SSR day -- read for 20 minutes and complete the Google Form reading log. Remember, I am looking for a paragraph structured answer. I cannot observe your quiet reading time so your score is heavily reliant on complete sentences, being specific with details, and showing what you read during that 20-minute block of time.
  • You should find a quiet place and focus on your reading, eliminate distractions.

We had some birthdays come and go! Happy Birthday!!

4/9/2020 -- Thursday

  • Log into and complete 1 quiz. Give it your best effort! This can impact your grade.

4/8/2020 -- Wednesday

  • "I Wish My Teacher Knew" -- We've done these a few times throughout the year. I told you at the beginning of the year you may feel you don't need it then but you might now. Remember, this is confidential and it is a safe place for you to let me know your worries, wondering, questions, negatives, positives, good things, etc. This virus and online learning have caused some big changes, take this opportunity to reflect on that. I miss you ALL very much!

4/7/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Continue working on your AOW. Share your doc with me by noon on Wednesday.
  • IF YOU ARE ALREADY DONE WITH YOUR AOW -- make sure you followed the format, check Skyward to see if you have anything missing.

4/6/2020 -- Monday

  • Any assignments submitted over the weekend will be updated in Skyward by the end of the online day today.
  • Learning Target: I can write a summary for a news article that focuses on the 5 W's and H (who, what, when, where, why, how). My summary will NOT include my opinion.
  • Task: Write an AOW -- the AOW drop-down page on the reading tab is still there. I've updated the sign-up sheet to be back to how we originally did it. Please double-check the sign-up sheet and make sure you don't have the same article as anyone else in the class period. The format for the AOW will remain the same but you need to make sure you copy and paste the article website to the doc for me to look at.
  • Due Date: Noon on Wednesday

4/3/2020 -- Friday

  • Read for 20 minutes then complete this reading log.
  • Since I cannot observe your reading time, your score will come more from complete sentences, correct capitalization, punctuation, and depth of answer.

4/2/2020 -- Thursday

  • Use the information you learned from reading Arachne. The Wednesday lesson needs to be done first before you do the assignment for today.
  • Aracne -- Finding the Lesson -- Due by noon on Friday

4/1/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Continue working on the Arachne Close Reader that was assigned yesterday. This is due on Thursday by noon. Make sure you read the directions carefully.
  • You will need to have the close reader done in order to do Thursday's assignment.

3/31/2020 -- Online Learning Day 2 (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT DATE FOR EACH DAY'S ASSIGNMENTS) I am going to try to post the next days assignment during the evening so it is ready for you.

  • We read the Flight of Icarus story and Icarus's Flight (the poem). Tuesday and Wednesday we will read another mythology story called Arachne. Your doc is due Thursday by noon. The set up for this doc is similar to the folktales around the world that you read in groups where you read a bit then stop and answer questions.
  • Make sure you read the directions on the doc carefully!

3/30/2020 -- Online Learning Day 1

  • We typically have SSR on Mondays and Fridays opposite of AOW weeks. Since this is familiar to us, we will begin online learning the same way.
  • Read for 20 minutes then complete this Google Form for your reading log. The log should be completed and ready to be graded by 9am Tuesday 3/31. Reading material should be a book, audiobooks will be allowed for this activity.
  • Since I cannot observe your reading time, your score will come more from complete sentences, correct capitalization, punctuation, and depth of answer.


  • Online learning will begin March 30th. Please check your student e-mail for expectations and guidelines. Parents received an e-mail today, too.

3/15/2020 -- Sunday Update

  • At this time I am waiting to hear from Administration for the plans with online learning. I will reach out to you all when I know. Please be patient.


  • Character sheet from yesterday about Icarus
  • Is Icarus a memorable character? We structured an outline if we were to write an argument essay to answer this question.
  • SSR time
  • Getting missing work turned in
  • Checking to make sure we know how to log in and access needed online sources


  • Collections: Discuss Flight of Icarus questions from yesterday
  • Close Read application
  • Icarus's Flight -- poem on page 40 of textbook
  • Icarus characterization map -- physical appearance, speech, thoughts, actions, narrator's comments, other character's reactions


  • Collections: Flight of Icarus -- guided reading questions, close read application


  • Compare/Contrast sheet from yesterday -- chance to finish answers and hand in
  • Memorable Characters note -- What makes a character memorable? How does an author create a memorable character?
  • Mythology Notes -- We will begin a myth story tomorrow in class
  • Greek Alphabet


  • Share folktales around the world presentations
  • Compare/Contrast People Could Fly to your folktale around the world
  • There is not an AOW this week.


  • Folktales around the world -- work with your team to create your project for presenting your story to the class
  • Presentations on Monday (You had in-class work time, this shouldn't be weekend homework)


  • Folktales around the world -- split into teams with story choices from India, Vietnam, or Myanmar
  • Reading through stories, pausing at "stop signs' on question packet to discuss with team and close read the story


  • People Could Fly Test -- Part 1: comprehension, vocabulary, short answer. Part 2: essay style question
  • Folktales around the world (if time)


  • SSR and Reading Log today


  • AOW #8 Presentations


  • Close read application for People Could Fly
  • Field Trip information revealed, permission slips sent out. Forms and money are due by March 11th!


  • Elements of Folktales
  • Collections: People Could Fly -- vocab, dialect, inferencing


  • AOW #8 -- using name cards to assign article categories -- Due Thursday!


  • Finish presentations
  • Xello


  • Project presentations today!


  • I am out sick today. Be prepared to do presentations tomorrow.
  • SSR today instead of Friday. We went to the LMC as a class yesterday so you should have a book to read.


  • SSR, no reading log today. We did a great job of staying focused on our books.
  • Sorry, Wrong Number project due tomorrow!


  • Mrs. Schmitt has Valentine's Day treats to share with all of you!
  • AOW presentations


  • Sorry, Wrong Number choice board work time -- Today is the last in class work time. Project is due Wednesday 2/19
  • AOW is due tomorrow! (Printed BEFORE class - LMC is open at 7:45 which gives you 10 minutes before 1st hour begins)


  • Choice Board project work time (all hour)


  • Sorry, Wrong Number test
  • Choice Board Projects -- information for projects can be found on the drop-down menu from the home page.


  • ACT Aspire results
  • Sorry, Wrong Number story map -- test tomorrow!
  • AOW #7 feedback from last time and work time -- AOW due Friday


  • Week 4 Day 5 -- Organization
  • Finish character trait sheet from yesterday for Mrs. Stevenson
  • Close Read Application sheet -- digging into comprehension for the last few lines of the story
  • SSR and reading log time
  • Sorry, Wrong Number Test on Tuesday 2/11 -- use the story notes packet as a study guide


  • Week 4 Day 4 -- Organization
  • Collections: Sorry, Wrong Number -- continue taking notes in packet as we read the rest of the radio play
  • Close Read Application
  • Character Trait Map
  • Sorry, Wrong Number test on Tuesday 2/11


  • Week 4 Day 3 -- Organization
  • Sorry, Wrong Number -- begin reading the story today


  • Week 4 Day 2 -- Organization
  • What is a radio drama?
  • Listen to sample radio play
  • Choose roles for Sorry, Wrong Number


  • AOW make up presentations
  • Week 4 Day 1 -- Organization
  • SSR and reading log


  • AOW presentations
  • Week 3 Day 4 and 5 (if time)


  • Week 3 Day 3 -- visualization
  • Close Reader: Saving the Lost -- determining the central idea, finding four pieces of text evidence that supports the central idea. Writing a summary of the entire passage.
  • AOW #6 due Friday -- article highlighted and printed, summary printed BEFORE class.


  • Week 3 Day 2 -- visualization
  • Close Reader: Saving the Lost -- blue box activities


  • Reading Comprehension sheets have been moved from Language Arts to Reading now. We completed week 3 day 1. The skill for the week is visualization. How does an author help the reader visualize what is being read.
  • AOW #6 -- sign up sheet is a little different this week. AOW is due Friday


  • Hand back tests and discuss results
  • SSR and reading log -- reading response question stem


  • Share optical illusions
  • with any remaining time


  • Optical Illusion Research -- information and rubric handed out in class. You have the whole class period to get this project done. Be ready to present tomorrow!


  • AOW presentations
  • You will need an SSR book on Tuesday


  • Brain Games Episodes -- This show demonstrates some of the examples from the Magic and the Brain text we read. The test is tomorrow!
  • Non-fiction text features test tomorrow, too!
  • AOW due Friday


  • Analyzing the text questions for Magic and the Brain -- test is on Thursday.
  • The analyzing questions is your study guide along with the vocab words from your notes.
  • Non-fiction text features test on Thursday, too!


  • Article of the Week #5 -- article must be dated January 1st or later -- due Friday
  • Remember, you need to have your AOW typed and printed BEFORE class on Friday.
  • See the Article of the Week page for information -- remind yourself of the very first sentence of your AOW paragraph and the Format. A lot of points come from following directions for the task.


  • Magic and the Brain -- Awareness test, misdirection video, TED Talk on misdirection, change blindness
  • Next week Thursday you have a test on non-fiction text features and comprehension from "Magic and the Brain"


  • Optical Illusions video
  • Non-Fiction text features graphic organizer -- test next Thursday (this is your study guide)
  • Collections: Magic and the Brain -- How are magicians and neuroscientists teaming up to study Alzheimer's and ADHD?


  • Intro video to next unit: Collection 2 Perception vs. Reality
  • Key Vocabulary notes
  • Non-Fiction Text Features video (2:54) -- While studying magic and the brain, you will learn non-fiction text features and have a test on Thursday, January 16th
  • Began reading Magic and the Brain in the textbook


  • Finish presentations
  • Choice Time for the remainder of the hour: SSR or complete 3 quizzes at 75% or higher


  • Collecting Outsiders books -- We're missing 3 books! Check your lockers!
  • Present Choice Board Projects -- grades will be in Skyward by the end of today. 3rd hour -- those that didn't present today will go tomorrow.


  • Grade virtues packet homework -- character development from the Outsiders
  • Final project work time -- Projects are due on Monday, be ready to present!


  • Choice Board project presentations begin on Monday 1/6
  • Check the Details doc to make sure you've done ALL parts of your project.


  • Choice Board project work time


  • Choice Board project work time
  • Don't forget to write your paragraph book jacket, too! This is a paragraph that would go on the back cover of The Outsiders. You want to get someone to read the book without giving away major details. Type on a google doc and share with Mrs. Schmitt


  • Finish The Outsiders
  • Small-Group: Compare/Contrast activity of book to movie
  • Make sure you track down your Outsiders book. Remember, you were responsible for your book number. Students with lost books will owe book fines.


  • Watch The Outsiders movie


  • Hand back Final Outsiders book tests and vocab tests -- overall, we did really well!
  • Watch The Outsiders movie (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) -- Yes, you may bring an individual or class snack *no nuts*. No, you may not bring a blanket and pillow, nice try.



  • Final Book Test -- scores are in Skyward!
  • Ch. 8-12 Vocab Test -- scores are in Skyward!
  • Choice Board Project work time after tests are completed


  • Ch. 10-12 Questions Check
  • Test Review Kahoot Game
  • Final Book Test and Ch. 8-12 Vocab Test on Thursday
  • We will watch the movie in-class next week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Students may bring snacks to enjoy during the movie. Please, no nuts!


  • Handed back Outsiders Papers -- Hold on to these for the project
  • Choice Board Projects revealed -- check out the page
  • Ch. 10-12 Questions due Tuesday
  • Final Book Test and Ch. 8-12 Vocab Test on Thursday -- see link from Friday to study vocab words
  • Any missing Outsiders assignments are due Thursday. Anything not turned in by the end of the day (Thursday) will remain a zero in the gradebook.



  • There are lots of students with missing assignments!
  • Chapter 8 Quote of the Study -- independent write then small group discussion
  • Listen to chapter 9 audiobook
  • Answer chapter 9 questions if the audiobook finishes in time


  • The class blog has not been updated due to my absence for medical reasons. Students, it is very important to you listen to any due dates and assignments so you don't fall behind.


  • Stereotype Article -- concept map graphic organizer
  • What is a stereotype?
  • How does this relate to our novel?
  • Ch. 4-7 Vocab Quiz tomorrow!


  • Grade Ch. 4-7 vocab Wordsearch
  • Read chapter 6
  • Answer chapter 6 questions
  • Ch. 4-7 Vocab quiz on Thursday
  • HINT: Words that will be on the quiz: defiance, contempt, panic, rueful, premonition, bootlegger, hue, elude, testify, sullen, conviction, mourn, aghast, exploit, drawl, scowl


  • Nothing Gold Poem analysis/discussion -- This poem appears in chapter 5 of our novel.
  • Skill page 23 -- figurative language
  • Ch. 4-7 Wordsearch due Tuesday, Ch. 4-7 vocab quiz on Thursday


  • Read chapter 5 of The Outsiders
  • Answer chapter 5 questions
  • Ch. 4-7 word search work time -- due Tuesday


  • Ch. 1-3 vocab quiz
  • Ch. 3-4 comprehension quiz
  • When finished -- complete 2 quizzes
  • Individual free choice time for rest of the hour


  • Discuss chapter 4 questions
  • Hand in chapter 4 questions for a grade
  • Skill Page 18 -- cause and effect of events in the novel so far
  • Vocab kahoot to practice for tomorrow's quiz
  • Ch. 1-3 Vocab Quiz tomorrow
  • Ch. 3-4 Comprehension Quiz tomorrow


  • AOW make up presentations -- last chance for a grade!
  • Discuss Chapter 3 questions
  • Skill page 13 -- similarities and differences between Socs and Greasers
  • Read Chapter 4
  • Chapter 4 Questions
  • Ch. 3-4 Quiz on Thursday
  • Ch. 1-3 Vocab Quiz on Thursday -- see 11/11 for Kahoot link to practice


  • AOW make up presentations
  • Grade Ch. 2-3 vocab crossword
  • Read chapter 3
  • Answer chapter 3 questions
  • Ch. 1-3 Vocab Quiz on Thursday
  • Ch. 3-4 comprehension quiz on Thursday

Kahoot! I've never tried the Challenge before. You are supposed to be able to play from a mobile device (at home) to study for the quiz. Here's the link: Ch. 1-3 Vocab Kahoot Class Code: 0264090


  • AOW Presentations
  • Work time on vocab crossword puzzle (if time). This was assigned on Wednesday - due Monday


  • Finish last few pages of chapter 2
  • Ch. 1-2 comprehension quiz
  • Skill page 11 - Stereotyping
  • AOW #4 due tomorrow
  • Complete ch. 2-3 vocab in blue packet -- due Monday 11/11
  • Ch. 1-3 vocab quiz on Thursday 11/14


  • Skill Page #9 - characters from chapter 1
  • Read chapter 2
  • Answer Chapter 2 Questions
  • AOW #4 due Friday 11/8
  • Complete ch. 2-3 vocab in blue packet -- due Monday 11/11
  • Ch. 1-2 comprehension quiz tomorrow
  • Ch. 1-3 vocab quiz on Thursday 11/14

Quarter 1 ends TODAY, Wednesday 11/6


  • Assign book numbers -- It is your responsibility to take care of and keep track of your book. Students with damaged or lost books will be given a fine.
  • Read chapter 1 together in class
  • Answer chapter 1 questions
  • Ch. 1 and 2 comprehension quiz on Thursday


  • AOW #4 -- should have the "How to Write a Summary" sheet out while you are working
  • Format
  • Article dated October 25th or later
  • 1. Find article, 2. sign up on doc, 3. read print and go get it, 4. highlight, 5. begin typing summary
  • AOW due Friday


  • SSR and Reading Log

10/31/2019 - Happy Halloween!

  • Halloween Trivia
  • Halloween Themed Kahoots!


  • Grade Ch. 1 Vocab
  • View Prezi for background information on The Outsiders novel
  • Guiding Questions (pink packet) -- Answer each of the 4 questions, hold onto the packet and add to it as your ideas start to change based on what is in the novel.


  • The Outsiders Pre-Reading Guide -- agree/disagree statements, explain why
  • Intro sheet to the novel and pre-reading questions - -meet the characters, learn the background of the novel
  • Chapter 1 vocabulary matching worksheet (page 1 of the blue packet) -- due Wednesday (You are only doing chapter 1 vocab NOT the whole packet)


  • Finish Walt Before Mickey (15 minutes)
  • SSR and Reading Log for remaining time


  • Author Celebration -- Watching Walt Before Mickey


  • Author Celebration -- Watching Walt Before Mickey
  • Any student with the research paper finished will get to watch the movie today and tomorrow. Yes, an individual snack is allowed. Please, nothing containing nuts.


  • Hours 2 and 8: SSR and Reading Log
  • 3rd hour: ALICE Training Practice


  • AOW Presentations


  • Look at student examples of article summary from yesterday
  • Review AOW format
  • Work on AOW and print (due tomorrow) or renew, return, checkout library book


  • Write Abby Sunderland article summary (this is the same format as AOW)
  • Complete two quizzes -- this is a great way to boost your grade before conferences!


  • Collections: Media Study - Abby Sunderland Rescue
  • Read the news article
  • Completed the chart on page 23 in notebooks
  • Began writing the first sentence for a summary (just like our AOWs)


  • Summary writing reference sheet -- step by step directions for writing a summary
  • Format of the AOW -- review! Example of format is in the AOW section of the class blog
  • AOW #3 work time


  • SSR and Reading Log
  • We had the chance to go to the library to renew, return, check out books on Monday.


  • Close Reader: "Big Things" -- short answer prompt including text evidence
  • Debate answers Tucker vs Richard


  • Close Reader: "Big Things" story from last week -- We completed a story map that included setting, characters, problem, major events related to the problem and the solution.
  • "Big Things" short response question -- how to include text evidence in your answer. Was Richard or Tucker responsible for the rescue of Mr. Nibbles? Use text evidence to support your answer. This is not homework, we will finish our answers tomorrow in class.


  • ACT Aspire scores revealed
  • AOWs (makeup presentations for anyone that was absent or did not have it done from last Friday)
  • SSR


  • Present AOWs
  • No homework -- Happy Homecoming!


  • Finished reading "Big Things Come in Small Packages"
  • AOW is due tomorrow. Article and summary should be printed BEFORE class. The LMC is open 10 minutes before first hour, you have time to print.


  • Label Close Reader workbooks - These will be stored in the classroom
  • Big Things Story - begin reading as a class and taking notes in the margin, circling details, underlining details (as a class)


  • -- your username and password should be in your google doc
  • Complete three quizzes then work on AOW
  • AOW due Friday -- article and summary printed before class


  • AOW (Article of the Week) #2
  • Make sure you sign up for your article on the doc
  • Article should be dated September 22nd or more recent
  • Article AND Summary printed and due Friday to present


  • SSR and Reading Log


  • Went over Rogue Wave test -- short response needed to have a capital letter at the beginning, punctuation at the end, and explain the idea of 'suffer'
  • Maui article -- wrote a summary of the article
  • Zombie Mad Lib


  • Mrs. Schmitt was out sick again yesterday
  • Those with AOW make ups were able to present
  • Connecticut article from yesterday in small groups to write a group summary
  • Read Maui article, highlight important details needed for writing a summary. (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Highlighting of article is due tomorrow -- in class time was given


  • Mrs. Schmitt is out sick today!
  • SSR and Reading Log time today
  • Reading Log will be collected on Friday for a grade


  • Present Article of the Week to the class
  • SSR time when finished - renew books, check out books, return books


  • Rogue Wave Test
  • When finished with test, report to the LMC for work time on AOW that is due tomorrow or renew/check out/return books


  • Collections: Rogue Wave
  • Analyzing text questions pg. 16 #1-4,7
  • Critical Vocabulary pg. 17 #1-5
  • Rogue Wave test on Thursday
  • AOW due Friday -- printed article and summary BEFORE class - remember the library is open at 7:45am when you are released from the cafeteria. That gives you 10 minutes before 1st hour starts to get it printed.


  • Why do people read the news?
  • What news sources do you know?
  • How to write an article summary
  • How to do an AOW (article of the week) -- examples and information under the Article of the Week tab from the homepage
  • AOW due Friday - article printed and article summary printed BEFORE class


  • 2nd hour - finish Rogue Wave
  • SSR and Reading log -- Monday/Friday log due today


  • Collections: Rogue Wave -- continued reading the story and took notes in notebook
  • Rogue Wave comprehension and vocab test on Thursday 9/19


  • Ms. Heather -- talk about book club sign-ups
  • Nautical Terms crossword answers - these words will appear in the story we are reading
  • Collections: Rogue Wave reading and story notes
  • Learning Objective: I can identify, analyze, and make inferences about the elements of plot in a short story.


  • What is a bold action?
  • Elements of a Plot Diagram (This is review from last year)
  • Nautical Terms crossword puzzle - computer lab looking up definitions. These words will appear in tomorrow's story. If you don't finish, it is NOT homework.


  • SSR and Reading Log - use Friday's practice log to help you write today's log for your first reading grade.


  • SSR and Reading Log
  • How to write a quality 7th grade reading log -- today's log is practice, Monday's log will be for a grade


  • Logging in a computer, logging into Chrome
  • Bookmarking class website
  • log ins, pretest and first reading quiz


  • LMC - rules/reminders/Destiny
  • Book checkout
  • You need to bring a book to class on Friday for SSR time. A book means a novel. This is enjoyment reading but book choices should still be close to your appropriate reading level and capabilities.