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Daily Agenda/Assignments

6/5/2020 -- Friday -- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Dear 7th Graders,

I greatly enjoyed being your reading and language arts teacher this year. It definitely was a wild ride with my absence a bit in November/early December and then Covid-19. We've made it through. Thank you for your spunk and willingness to try something new. That is what makes learning fun. I hope you enjoy your summer break and that we can all be back at school in the fall. Seek opportunities to learn something new this summer, experience the outdoors, read a book, learn a new skill, sleep in until noon, stay up late --- just enjoy life!
Sincerely, Mrs. Schmitt

6/4/2020 -- Thursday

  • Grades in Skyward are complete. All work (as noted on Tuesday) was due at midnight last night. Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the school year. Skyward grades will soon change to pass/fail.
  • If you haven't already done so, complete the self-reflection that was posted yesterday. I like to see what your favorite Reading/LA activities were.

6/3/2020 -- Wednesday

6/2/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Complete missing work for Reading and Lang. Arts. Missing work is due by midnight on Wednesday.

6/1/2020 -- Monday

  • Wow! It's June! There are 4 days left of school. (Friday is a return Chromebooks and other materials to school time)
  • Check Skyward for missing work. If it is marked as missing, I DO NOT have it. Make sure you send me an email stating which assignment you finished.
  • You CANNOT assume I will see something submitted late. Grades will impact your placement for targeted support next year.

5/29/2020 -- Friday

  • Catch Up Day! Check Skyward and read the email announcement that was sent on Thursday.

5/28/2020 -- Thursday

  • Continue working on Mini Writing -- Holiday. This is due at 9am Friday.
  • Note: This Friday will be the last day of assignments from my classes. Next week will be closing out the year, completing missing work, redoing assignments to improve grades.

5/27/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Learning Target: I can write an introductory paragraph to an argument paper.
  • President Schmitt wants to designate a new holiday. It is your job to come up with the holiday; colors, traditions, foods, etc. Write an introduction paragraph to an argument paper for why your holiday should be chosen. Mini-Writing Holiday
  • You have work time today and tomorrow. The assignment is due 9am Friday.

5/26/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Go to and complete the English vocabulary portion. You are done when you reach a score of 150 or higher. You will screenshot your score and send it as an email attachment. On a Chromebook or computer, you can press the button "print screen" or "prt sc" to take the photo to send.

5/22/2020 -- Friday

  • Today is part 3 of 3 for virtual field trips. We're going to Disney World Florida! There isn't any document to submit today but the website is interactive so you can walk down the streets of Disney.
  • Today is also an early release day, so I kept the assignment light. Enjoy! Remember, there is no school on Monday.

5/21/2020 -- Thursday

  • Learning Target: I can demonstrate critical thinking skills while comparing and contrasting the two rides I chose as my favorites.
  • Complete the Ride Comparison analysis -- due 9am Friday

5/20/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Today's virtual field trip is to California Adventure Park. Explore the virtual rides and choose a favorite. You'll need to know your favorite so you can do Thursday's activity.
  • Have fun! There isn't a doc to share or submit today.

5/19/2020 -- Tuesday

  • I hope you enjoyed the virtual rides at Disneyland. For today's work, we need to remember the parts of a thesis statement. (Claim because reason 1, reason 2, and reason 3.) It is a single sentence.
  • Complete a Rider Review based on yesterday's virtual field trip.

5/18/2020 -- Monday

  • Let's go on an adventure Mickey Mouse! Mrs. Schmitt is taking you all to Disneyland... virtually!
  • Today is an exploration day. Take a virtual ride in Disneyland. -- scroll down the page, there are 29 rides to choose from. Try to decide which one is your favorite. You will need that information later this week.
  • There is nothing to submit or share for today.

5/15/2020 -- Friday

  • Continue working on Paired Text Analysis from yesterday -- due 3pm today
  • If that is done, check Skyward for anything missing. Send an email for any late assignment you submit or fix.

5/14/2020 -- Thursday

  • Complete today's reading assignment FIRST before doing lang. arts.
  • Learning Target: I can compare the opinions stated in two articles on a related topic.
  • Complete the Paired Text Analysis doc -- due 3pm Friday (You get today and tomorrow to work on this)

5/13/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Writing Time Travel Part 1 is due today. -- I'm surprised at the number of people that chose NOT to time travel. Wow!
  • For today, we will all decide it is safe and possible to time travel. Complete Writing Time Travel Part 2 -- due 9am Thursday

5/12/2020 -- Tuesday

  • You must complete today's reading assignment BEFORE you do the language arts assignment.
  • Learning Target: I can write a paragraph style answer that includes a topic sentence, opinion, support, and a concluding sentence.
  • Thinking about the reading article, respond to the Writing Time Travel Part 1 question -- due 9am Wednesday.

5/11/2020 -- Monday

  • To get ready for our next unit "Time Travel", you will watch two short videos. There isn't any doc to turn in today, just watch the videos.
  • Nat Geo Video 1
  • Nat Geo Video 2

5/8/2020 -- Friday

  • Catch-Up Day! -- Look at assignment grades and make corrections if you need to. Send Mrs. Schmitt an email stating which assignments you've redone or submitted late, so your grade can get reviewed.
  • Check Skyward. Let's give it a good effort because teachers are starting to put in names for students that need summer school. Prove your skills!

5/7/2020 -- Thursday

5/6/2020 -- Wednesday

  • REREAD 9.2 doc from yesterday. Pay attention to the spelling rules for a comparative and a superlative. A comparative is when you compare two things. A superlative is when you compare three or more.
  • Complete 9.2 Practice
  • Complete 9.2 Exercise 2 google form

5/5/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Lesson 9.2 Comparing with adjectives and adverbs -- read the link below very carefully. A few of us struggled with lesson 9.1 yesterday and for some, it was obvious you didn't read through the introduction information.
  • Read through Lesson 9.2 intro and exercise 1 -- due 9am Wednesday

5/4/2020 -- Monday

  • This week we will complete a grammar lesson on adjectives and adverbs.
  • Learning Targets: I can identify adjectives and adverbs. I can tell what questions an adjective or adverb will answer.
  • Read through 9.1 Intro, Ex. 1 and 2. -- due 9am Tuesday
  • Complete Lesson 9.1 Practice Google Form -- due 9am Tuesday

5/1/2020 -- Friday

4/30/2020 -- Thursday

  • Field Trip Make Up Day #1 -- Have fun exploring the Kenai Fjords National Park. This is interactive. When you go to the site, click play and listen/follow along. Click on the circles that appear on the screen to continue the activity. Do not click the arrow for Hawaii Volcanoes because that will take you somewhere else and won't let you finish the activity for today.
  • Goal: While exploring the fjords, think about sensory details. Tomorrow you will be completing a comparison analysis, so it is important you pay attention.
  • There is not a document to share back with Mrs. Schmitt today.

4/29/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Continue working on the exposition assignment from yesterday. This is due at 9 am on Thursday.

4/28/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Reread the sensory detail paragraph you wrote yesterday.
  • Our focus today is the exposition of a story (the beginning). Using what you read in the Newsela article yesterday, write an exposition to a story using the setting you wrote for the sensory details paragraph. Think about how the setting impacts your character or characters.
  • The Exposition is due 9am Thursday. Pay close attention to the directions on the doc. Check out this video if you still need some help.

4/27/2020 -- Monday

  • Learning Target: I can use sensory details to tell the reader about a setting.
  • Sensory Details are things you can hear, touch, taste, smell, see. Use adjectives (describing words) to 'paint the picture' for the reader.
  • Open link Monday -- Sensory Details -- due 9am Tuesday
  • Riddle Places Slideshow -- This is shared with the whole grade.

4/24/2020 -- Friday

4/23/2020 -- Thursday

  • Continue working on 4.2 Paragraph Unity doc from yesterday. Share with Mrs. Schmitt when you are done.

4/22/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Lesson 4.2: A paragraph has unity if all the sentences stay on topic and work together to support the main idea. Complete 4.2 Paragraph Unity which is due 3pm Thursday.

4/21/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Learning Target: I can identify the main idea and topic of a passage when it isn't the first sentence.
  • Open slideshow and complete the activities. Share with Mrs. Schmitt when you are done. Remember, it isn't a race to get done. Read slide 2 carefully. This is like the information page of the purple textbook at school. We always read through it together, then we practice.

4/20/2020 -- Monday

  • Learning Target: I can identify the main idea and topic of a passage.
  • Open slideshow to watch video and complete highlighting activity. Share slideshow with Mrs. Schmitt. This is due by 9am Tuesday.

4/17/2020 -- Friday

4/16/2020 -- Thursday

4/15/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Continue to work on exercise 1 and 2 document from Tuesday. This is due by 9am on Thursday. Students who have submitted so far are forgetting to do step 5 for the second paragraph in exercise 1. Read the directions carefully!

4/14/2020 -- Tuesday

  • Learning Target: I can identify the main idea of a paragraph using the Finding Main Idea Backwards strategy.
  • Complete exercise 1 and 2 document and share with Mrs. Schmitt when you are finished. This is due by 9am Thursday.

4/13/2020 -- Monday

  • Our focus this week is looking at finding the main idea of a paragraph to help us write effective paragraphs (in the future).
  • Read through Supporting the Main Idea Info Sheet
  • Complete the 4.1 Practice Sheet. The link is at the bottom of the Info Sheet doc.


  • Review the class blog and Skyward to see if you have anything missing. Consider this a catch up day. Use the time, don't fall behind.
  • Be watching for a link next week. I plan to host a 1 hour Zoom session to chat and answer questions.

4/8/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Continue working on Mini Writing -- Zoo Animal from Monday. This is due by 3pm today. Make sure you share your doc with me. Your answers should be complete sentences for the questions with a box provided. Some of us appear to be getting lazy in responses. Laziness will be reflected in your grade.

4/7/2020 -- Tuesday

  • We practiced making inferences using the stoplight strategy. Today you will take a test. I am asking that you take this in the form of a test and do not seek outside help or share answers. Cheating is not only dishonest but it is cheating yourself out of learning to improve your skills and understanding.
  • Inference Test -- Needs to be done by 9pm today

4/6/2020 -- Monday

  • Documents that were submitted over the weekend will be updated in skyward by the end of the day today.
  • Learning Target: I can use descriptive language (adjectives) to be detailed but precise in word choice. (assignment focus #3 and #5
  • Mini Writing -- Zoo: CAREFUL! When we did the restaurant writing it was very obvious that there wasn't much effort into our answers. Be creative, have fun with this and write complete answers. Read the directions!

4/3/2020 -- Friday

  • Submit Mini Writing -- Restaurant if you haven't already done so.
  • Inference Sheet #3 -- make sure you share the doc with me by Monday. If we were in school, this would be done within the class period so there wouldn't be homework over the weekend.

4/2/2020 -- Thursday

  • Submit the Inference Sheet #2 if you haven't already done so.
  • Mini Writing -- Restuarant -- Follow the directions on the top of the Google doc. This assignment is due by noon Friday.
  • You will take an online test on making inferences, next week Tuesday.

4/1/2020 -- Wednesday

  • Submit your photowriting Google doc by sharing it with Mrs. Schmitt. Grades will be posted soon. It takes a little while to look at 50 stories. Be patient. Check Skyward.
  • We worked on the stoplight strategy for making inferences before school closed. Recall the red is schema which is background information. Yellow is evidence from the text. Combining the red and yellow together gets to the green part of the stoplight which is the actual inference statement. You will practice inference skills with text by completing Inference Sheet #2. This is due Thursday by Noon.

3/31/2020 -- Online Learning Day 2 (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT DATE. I am going to try to post the next day's assignment during the evening so it is ready for you.

  • More work time on the photowriting assignment. This is due by noon on Wednesday.
  • If you have questions make sure you send me an e-mail. I may not always be working on your Google doc while you are on it, too.

3/30/2020 -- Online Learning Day 1

  • Spend at least 20 minutes working on the photo inference paragraphs. We started this the Friday before schools closed. You should already have a google doc started.
  • The format is 1 paragraph for before the photo is taken, 1 paragraph for the moment the photo is taken, and 1 paragraph for after the photo is taken. All three paragraphs should flow like a story and include transition words.
  • Photowriting Rubric
  • Photowriting final copy will be due by noon on Wednesday. Make sure you share your Google doc with me!


  • Online learning will begin March 30th. Please check your student e-mail for expectations and guidelines. Parents received an e-mail today, too.
  • Photo writing work time will continue once online learning begins. Keep that google doc!

3/15/2020 -- Sunday update

  • At this time I am waiting to hear from Administration for the plans with online learning. I will reach out to you all when I know. Please be patient.



  • Warm-Up -- practicing inferencing skills
  • Graded Inference Sheet #1
  • Show Vs Tell writing activity -- adding details to writing
  • Greek/Latin Quizlet and Kahoot practice
  • G/L Units 4-8 quiz tomorrow!


  • Warm-up
  • Inference photo #2 -- small group inferencing practice
  • Inference sheet #1 -- due Thursday (10 minutes of in-class work time given)


  • Warm-up
  • Inference: Stoplight strategy
  • Pixar Short: One Man Band -- practicing video inferencing with stoplight strategy
  • Photo inference sheet


  • Week 13 Warm-Up
  • Greek/Latin Unit 8 roots packet
  • Intro to Stoplight Inference strategy
  • Greek/Latin Quizlet
  • Greek/Latin Kahoot practice
  • Greek/Latin units 4-8 quiz on Friday


  • Movie: 42 -- finishing today


  • Movie: 42


  • Movie: 42
  • Note: The terminology of the 1940s includes slang terms for African Americans. Any student using these terms will have a consequence.


  • Collections: People Could Fly
  • Analyzing the text in small group stations -- this will help you prepare for tomorrow's test
  • Summary graphic organizer


  • Black History Month project presentations -- remember, if your project is not done, you will not watch 42 with the class.


  • Greek/Latin Roots Quiz
  • Black History Month project work time -- Projects are due Monday!


  • African Heritage Food Party
  • Conferences Self-Reflection Sheet


  • Grade Greek/Latin sheet unit 7 -- quiz Friday units 5-7
  • Black History project work time


  • Greek/Latin unit 7 sheet -- due Tuesday
  • Greek/Latin Units 5-7 quiz on Thursday
  • Check Black History Project page for important updates that we discussed in class. Projects are due Monday, March 2nd!


  • Greek/Latin roots quiz
  • Work time for Day 2 and 3 research sheet -- link on project page


  • Intro Sheet for Black History month project
  • Sign up for research person
  • Work time on Day 1 and 2 sheet -- link is on the project page. Today is the only day to work on early life information in class. Use time wisely.


  • I'm out sick today -- Be good for the sub!
  • 30 sentences -- Greek/Latin roots (This will help you get ready for Friday's quiz). Write 1 sentence for each root word. The sentence should include the root and meaning. For example; I filled the aquarium with water and let it rest before putting my exotic, tropical fish in it. Notice my sentence is descriptive. I used the root aqua and the meaning water. In each sentence, you need to highlight the root in 1 color and the meaning in a 2nd color.
  • The 30 sentences is due by the end of the hour. When finished, go to Quizlet and practice with the flashcards.


  • No warm up this week
  • "I Have a Dream" quote or 3 dreams work time -- due at the end of the hour today.
  • Greek/Latin Units 1-6 Quiz on Friday (Fill in the blank style) -- study from unit packets, look on G/L page for quizlet link and other practice materials


  • Warm-Up
  • Greek/Latin Quiz
  • Grade and discuss MLK article and questions
  • "I Have a Dream" quote coloring and Personal dreams activity -- in-class work time today and Tuesday. The final product is due at the end of the hour on Tuesday.


  • Warm-Up
  • Grade Greek/Latin sheet -- quiz tomorrow on units 4 and 5
  • Discuss "I Have a Dream" annotations that were due today
  • Watch clips of MLK Jr's speech
  • Newsela article -- Civil Rights Leader article and questions due tomorrow


  • Warm-Up
  • Continuing MLK speech annotations
  • Homework: Finish MLK speech annotations to the end of paragraph 22. Use your yellow packet to guide your annotations. Yes, this is a difficult text, so slow down and break down the sentences.
  • Greek/Latin units 4 and 5 quiz on Friday


  • Warm-Up
  • "I Have a Dream" pre-reading -- discussing the two questions from yesterday
  • "I Have a Dream" close reading -- identifying metaphors, discussing the first 4 paragraphs of the speech


  • Warm-Up Week 12
  • Black History 103 internet search -- purpose of this task is to become familiar with some of the African American names some of you will study for the large project.
  • Greek/Latin Unit 5 sheet -- due Wednesday (Quiz on Friday will be units 4 and 5)
  • yellow "I Have a Dream" packet -- answering the first two questions on the Before Reading the Speech section


  • Warm-Up
  • Aviation Performance task --- gallery walk and discussion
  • Aviation Test
  • Greek/Latin Quiz


  • Warm-Up
  • Aviation performance task work time (2nd in-class workday) -- due tomorrow
  • If done early -- study roots for quiz tomorrow -- see Quizlet on Greek/Latin roots page
  • Aviation Test tomorrow -- study vocab and the graphic organizer in your notebook


  • Warm Up
  • Aviation performance task -- due Friday (in-class work time today and tomorrow)
  • Aviation performance task template
  • Women in Aviation test on Friday
  • Greek/Latin Roots Units 1-4 fill in the blank quiz on Friday


  • Warm-Up
  • Finish reading Women in Aviation -- continued filling in graphic organizer in notebooks
  • Critical vocabulary pg. 51 #1-4
  • Analyzing the text pg. 50 #4 -- follow the rubric to construct your paragraph written response. May work alone or with a partner


  • Warm-Up Week 11
  • Greek/Latin fill in the blank quiz on Friday
  • Collections: Women in Aviation


  • Warm-Up -- Friday Fun
  • Greek/Latin Quiz
  • Black History Month introduction -- intro article, timeline of events, background knowledge bubble map, 2 short video clips


  • Warm Up (except 1st hour)
  • Graded Greek/Latin unit 4 packet
  • G/L kahoot
  • Aspire terms quizlet


  • Warm-Up -- Tuesday Terms
  • Aspire doc words to know -- group work
  • Aspire practice test and questions -- group work
  • G/L packet due tomorrow
  • G/L quiz on Friday -- units 1-4 -- check G/L page for a quizlet link


  • Warm-Up Week 10 -- Monday Mistakes
  • Greek/Latin Unit 4 packet -- due Wednesday
  • Aspire Terms to Know doc -- work time with table teams -- it is not homework
  • Ms. Green to come in and discuss "Social Thinking" -- how to be a good listener, how to behave in a classroom with social thinking skills


  • Hand in warm-up
  • Week 2 Day 5 -- making connections (text to self)
  • Greek/Latin Units 1-3 quiz
  • ACT Aspire terminology Quizlet live


  • Warm-Up
  • Week 2 day 3 and 4 worksheets -- making connections (text to world)
  • Handed back Greek/Latin unit 3 packets -- quiz tomorrow on units 1-3 (15 roots)


  • Week 9 Warm Up (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Graded Unit 3 Greek/Latin Roots
  • Week 2 Day 2 worksheet - making connections
  • Discussion from sub notes -- Not entirely happy with the report I got from the sub!
  • Greek/Latin units 1-3 quiz on Friday (15 roots)


  • Last day of the quarter!
  • Warm-Up gold sheet handed in
  • Week 1 day 5 reading comprehension
  • Greek/Latin quiz unit 2
  • Polar Vortex article -- identifying unknown words and using context clues
  • Polar Vortex quiz -- done as a team


  • Warm-Up
  • Week 1 Day 4 reading comprehension
  • Grade Nonsense Paragraph


  • Warm-Up
  • Week 1 Day 3 reading comprehension
  • Grade Greek/Latin roots packet -- Test on Friday
  • Grade context clues packet
  • Nonsense paragraph -- due Thursday

I know there has been a lot of homework/tests to study for lately. Remember, in-class work time is typically given based on behavior in class. Also, you got to take a break and watch an episode of Brain Games for reading to go along with the text we read. Sometimes, powering through the week will give you the reward of a break over the weekend. Hang in there!


  • Warm-Up
  • Week 1 Day 2 reading comprehension
  • Context Clues info packet and practice -- due Wednesday
  • Greek/Latin Roots packet due Wednesday


  • Week 8 warm-up -- finally back to our routine
  • Week 1 Day 1 reading comprehension -- getting ready for ACT Aspire winter test (the first week of February)
  • Greek/Latin Roots Unit 2 packet -- due Wednesday (skip pg 17 sentence below the bonus, skip pg 18 sentence below the crossword)
  • Context Clues pre-test
  • Greek/Latin Unit 2 quiz on Friday



  • Greek/Latin Roots quiz tomorrow!
  • Frontier class code: btqdt
  • When you start writing your essay in the google doc through the Frontier program, it will save to your google drive.
  • This is intended to be done on your own to show what you've learned since December 10th. I DO NOT expect or want you to spend hours upon hours writing your paper tonight at home, that is not the intention. Tomorrow (Friday) in class, we will work through the essay task assignment. 


  • Graded Greek/Latin unit 1 packet
  • Submitted argument papers -- based on given work time in class, links on the blog, and assistance from myself and other teachers, there is zero excuses to not have your paper finished on time. All papers were collected regardless of "I'm not done yet".
  • Frontier -- Do we need homework? This is an argument essay you will write on your own. The website walks you through the activity and gives you the assigned reading and a video to watch. Using the information from Frontier, you will write your essay today and tomorrow in class.


  • Greek/Latin Roots Unit 1 Packet -- due Wednesday
  • Quiz on the five root words from the Unit 1 packet on Friday
  • The argument paper is due tomorrow. Failure to have the paper printed before class will result in a tardy.
  • The paper should be submitted in the following order: Final Copy, Peer Edited Copy, Rubric.


  • Peer editing Argument papers in stations.
  • If you were absent, you need to have a parent/guardian or other classmate edit your paper outside of class and leave visible comments on your paper that shows the edits.
  • Final copy of paper is due Wednesday. You will need to submit the final paper, peer-edited copy, and rubric.


  • Writing conclusion paragraph in class today
  • Your paper needs to be fully written by Monday so we can peer edit, revise, and get final copy done by Wednesday.


  • Counterargument paragraph
  • Tomorrow is the conclusion paragraph
  • Your whole paper needs to be written by Monday so you can participate in peer editing
  • Look on the Argument Paper page for the essay outline, links to help, and use the rubric.


  • Escape Room -- theme is related to The Outsiders novel
  • Intro and all three body paragraphs should be completed when you come back from break. You've had in-class work time to get this done BEFORE you left for break.


  • Writing Body paragraphs 2 and 3 -- look at Argumentative Page for information and links


  • Writing Body Paragraph 1 -- look at Argumentative Page for information and links


  • Thesis Statement How-To Video
  • Writing and introduction paragraph -- Hook, Background information, Thesis Statement
  • Create Google Doc, label it (Topic, Pro/Con, Your Name), share it with Mrs. Schmitt
  • Introduction paragraph is due Wednesday -- Resources, Examples, and Tools can be found on the Argumentative Paper Page


  • One-Pager grades handed back
  • Generating Claims -- for your paper
  • Organizing Evidence -- example practice
  • Reasons and Details graphic organizer -- for your paper. This is homework if you don't finish in class today.


  • One-Pager Work time -- this is was assigned on Wednesday and is due at the end of the hour today.


  • Intro to Argumentative Writing -- What is it?
  • Identify the Argument
  • Effective Argument
  • Generating a Thesis
  • Generating an Argument
  • One-Pager activity assigned Wednesday will be due at the end of the hour tomorrow. You will have in-class work time tomorrow.


  • Reading/LA Crossover -- Today you will complete a one-pager for The Outsiders. The template and directions are handed out by the substitute teacher.
  • One-Pager Directions
  • Example One Pager


  • Debates Presentations today
  • Scores will be in skyward by the end of the day today


  • Handed out Yes/No chart
  • Handed out rubric
  • Make sure you print your 1-15 graphic organizer -- debates are tomorrow. You may have your 1-15, Yes/No chart, and thesis statement during presentations


  • If your debate team has finished gathering 15 pieces of evidence AND the thesis statement, you may have the rest of the time to silent read, individual computer time, or work on other homework.


  • Information can be found in the Debates/Argumentative Unit page -- arrow over the language arts page to get to it.


  • The class blog has not been updated due to my absence for medical reasons. Students, it is very important to you listen to any due dates and assignments so you don't fall behind.


  • Warm Up
  • Leftover Article -- evaluating the argument graphic organizer


  • Warm up
  • Leftovers Article -- identifying opinion vs evidence


  • Warm Up - week 7
  • Finish Pro/Con article highlighting from last Friday
  • Discuss FEASTExO
  • Capitalization tests handed back


  • Warm Up
  • Fact vs. Opinion sheet from yesterday
  • FEASTExO information
  • Use FEASTExO to identify evidence in the Pro/Con article about recycling (small group work with highlighters)
  • There is no homework -- enjoy the weekend!


  • Warm Up
  • Capitalization Test
  • Fact or Opinion worksheet to be completed after test (This is the intro to our next unit of study)


  • Warm Up
  • Grade Homework
  • Homework papers handed back -- use these to study for tomorrow's test
  • Capitalization Kahoot for practice
  • Capitalization test tomorrow!


  • Warm Up
  • Grade 12.2 worksheet
  • Capitalization Practice -- Sheet 1 with partners
  • 19.1 and 19.3 worksheets due Wednesday
  • 19.3 Exercise B -- do not rewrite on a new sheet of paper, just use the capitalization symbol
  • Capitalization Test on Thursday


  • Week 6 Warm-Up
  • Grade 12.3 worksheet
  • Grammar 12.2 - capitalization rules for titles and quotes
  • Worksheet 12.2 -- due Tuesday (exercise 2 has 1 sentence already correct as is, exercise 3 has 7 words to lowercase and 4 words to capitalize)


  • Grade 12.1 homework sheet
  • Grammar 12.3 Lesson - continuing capitalization rules
  • Worksheet 12.3 due Monday (15 minutes of in class work time was given)
  • Hint for worksheet 12.3: exercise 1 has 2 sentences already correct and 16 capital letters. Exercise 2 has 3 words to lowercase and 12 words to capitalize.


  • Grammar 12.1 Capitalization Rules
  • Worksheet 12.1 due Friday (12-15 minutes of in class time was given to get started)
  • Hint on worksheet 12.1 Exercise 1: 2 sentences are already correct, 5 words need to be lowercase and 11 words need to be capitalized
  • Hint on worksheet 12.1 Exercise 2: You can write about anything you want as long as each sentence has a proper noun OR proper adjective in it.


  • Finish speech presentations
  • Discussion of speeches - participation grade
  • (if time)

Quarter 1 ends TODAY, Wednesday 11/6


  • Research Speech Presentations


  • No warm up this week
  • Speech Rehearsal Day -- practice in your head with slideshow and timer, practice with a partner, practice with a small group of 3
  • Look at rubric and checklist
  • Make sure slideshow is shared with Mrs. Schmitt
  • Be ready to present speech tomorrow!


  • Warm-Up
  • Speech work time -- use checklist, read class blog speech page
  • Remember one of the checklist items says you need to practice with a family member.
  • Be ready to rehearse on Monday in front of 1-2 classmates
  • Speech presentations begin on Tuesday 11/5

10/31/2019 -- Happy Halloween!

  • No Warm-up today
  • Watched Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  • Pumpkin coloring (optional) -- Enjoy being a kid!


  • Weekly Warm-Up
  • Work time on notecards
  • Checklist for speech handed out and discussed how to use it effectively
  • Work time today and Friday -- be ready to rehearse on Monday


  • Weekly Warm-Up
  • Work time on speech slideshow
  • Notecards available
  • In class work time today, Wednesday, Friday


  • Changing research papers into speeches -- look at the research speech page tab located on the home page. Hover your mouse over Language Arts. That is where you will find the guidelines and grading.
  • Speech presentations begin on Tuesday, November 5th


  • Research Paper Grades
  • Self-Reflection -- What is it? Why do it?
  • Quarter 1 reflection sheet
  • Fall conference reflection sheet


  • Submit paper in the order of the checklist PLUS the peer editing sheet.
  • Paper is due at the end of the hour today!
  • Scores are in skyward. You will see 7 scores for the research paper. Each score is a small part that creates the paper's final score out of 61 points.


  • Your paper should be written, which means today is peer editing with the checklist given in class (also linked on the research page).
  • Peer Editing Checklist should be done with someone in your same class period OR with a parent/guardian/older sibling at home.
  • Look over the rubric, use the checklist, make sure everything is complete.
  • Those of you who have the paper done at the end of the hour tomorrow and submitted will have an author's party reward during Reading class.


  • Write conclusion paragraph
  • Use rubric and checklist to make sure you've met all requirements
  • Monday we will edit and revise papers, final copies due at the end of the hour on Tuesday. Those of you who have it done on time will be rewarded with an author party.


  • Write Body Paragraphs 2 and 3 -- due tomorrow!


  • Intro paragraph includes Hook, Background on Topic, Road Map sentence
  • Body Paragraph 1 includes Topic Sentence, 3 Details, Closing Sentence
  • Intro and Body paragraph 1 are due tomorrow!


  • How to write a 'road map' sentence for research paper (This is combing all three body paragraph topics into ONE sentence)
  • 1st hour -- got the rubric
  • 4th hour and 6th hour will get the rubric tomorrow (I forgot to hand it out. Oops!)


  • No Warm Up this week
  • How to write a "Hook"
  • Finish yellow packet body paragraphs by the end of the hour today


  • Warm-Up
  • Planning Packet (yellow) to outline research paper
  • Work time
  • By the end of the hour on Monday, body paragraph 1,2,3 details should be done!


  • Happy Birthday, Mrs. Schmitt!
  • Warm-Up
  • Dust Bowl research sample paper -- This example will show how your research paper should look when we are all done.
  • Planning sheet to prepare for writing
  • Work Time


  • Warm Up -- syllables in words
  • Research - final work time. After 5 in-class work days, you should have 7-10 sources on your notes page. Notes should have been written in your own words and not copied and pasted. Notes scores will appear in skyward under 'classwork'.


  • Week 4 Warm Up
  • Research work time -- You should have all research done by the end of the hour on Wednesday.
  • Conferences are at the end of the month. Mrs. Schmitt will report the truth so it is up to you to use your work time wisely, make positive choices, and get homework/classwork done. You are responsible for your actions.


  • Warm Up - Friday Fun -- turn in gold sheet
  • Research work time -- You will have research time on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. If you feel you are behind then some work will need to be done outside of class.
  • Happy Homecoming!


  • No Warm Up today
  • In LMC and lab to work on research. You should have shared your research doc with me by now.
  • At this time there is no need to do research outside of class. We will have in class work time on Thursday (10/3), Friday (10/4), and Tuesday (10/8).


  • Warm up
  • Choose topics for research assignment
  • Set up google doc for notes and share doc with Mrs. Schmitt
  • Work time in LMC -- research notes is NOT homework, we will work on this tomorrow in class.



  • Warm Up #3
  • Research Notes - Types of Sources, Using the Internet (see link under 9/27/2019 if you were absent or lost your notes)



  • Went over Grammar Quiz results -- lots of us didn't read the directions for part C and part E
  • Explode the Moment paragraphs due today
  • Research questions and discussion -- Why should people research? How is research useful? What tools do you know to use for research? What people or events impacted world history?


  • Mrs. Schmitt was out sick yesterday too
  • No warm up this week
  • Peer edit Explode the Moment paragraphs
  • Highlight sensory words in paragraphs
  • Final copies should be done for tomorrow (25 minutes of in-class time was given today to get this done)


  • Mrs. Schmitt is out sick today
  • No warm up for today's lesson
  • Choose 1 idea from the explode the moment chart that we made on Friday. Share this idea with a partner.
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs about the explode the moment idea. Paragraphs should be done for class tomorrow.


  • Weekly Warm-Up #2 - Friday Fun
  • Hand in gold sheet for a grade
  • Explode the Moment prewriting activity


  • Weekly Warm-Up #2 - Thursday Thoughts
  • Scuba Photo writing assignment - descriptive, sensory words
  • Worked in pairs to highlight sensory details, adjectives, and "strong" words
  • Rewrote scuba diver paragraph making corrections and focusing on word choice and sensory details


  • Weekly Warm-Up #2 - Wednesday Wordy
  • Grammar 2.3 exercise 2 - adding sensory details to writing
  • Scuba diving photograph paragraph due Thursday -- In-class work time was given that most should be done before the end of the hour.


  • Weekly Warm-Up #2 - Monday Mistakes
  • Expanding Sentences notes and practice
  • 21.3 worksheet due Tuesday


  • Weekly Warm-Up - Friday Fun
  • Handed in gold warm-up sheets for a grade
  • 6.1 and 6.2 Grammar Quiz
  • Grammar 2.1 exercise 2 #1-10 practice
  • "I wish my teacher knew"


  • Weekly Warm-Up - Thursday Thoughts
  • Share out pass and write stories from yesterday
  • Sentence challenge on whiteboards - identifying subjects and predicates
  • Grammar 6.1 and 6.2 quiz tomorrow!


  • Weekly Warm-Up #1 - Wednesday Wordy
  • Grade 6.2 worksheet homework
  • Practice: Finding complete subject and predicate
  • Table groups write and pass activity -- highlight subjects and predicates when finished
  • Grammar 6.1 and 6.2 quiz on Friday


  • Weekly Warm-Up #1 - Tuesday Terms
  • Grade Homework (6.1 and frog worksheets)
  • Grammar 6.2 lesson - Finding complete subjects and predicates
  • Homework: 6.2 worksheet due Wednesday


  • Weekly Warm-Up #1 - Monday Mistakes
  • Trivia Results
  • Grammar Lesson 6.1 - Sentences and Fragments (purple grammar textbook)
  • Worksheets 6.1 and Frog due Tuesday


  • Puzzle Piece Trivia
  • "I wish my teacher knew..."


  • Puzzle Pieces Due today
  • Student Survey - goal setting, feelings about school
  • Agree/Disagree statements
  • Kid President Video - Choose to be on the team, choose your attitude, choose to be an Eagle and not a Duck


  • Grammar Textbook numbers assigned -- textbooks will stay in the classroom
  • Puzzle Piece - color and draw images that describe what you like/tells about you. Puzzle pieces are due tomorrow (30 minutes of in-class time given)!


  • Expectations
  • Parent Letter - send surveys back by September 11th
  • What makes a classroom? What does a classroom look like, sound like, and feel like? The answers to these questions will become our class agreement for behavior.