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Research Paper

How to Conduct Research (These are the notes we wrote in class)

Planning Packet (Yellow)

Research Paper Rubric

Hooks and Introduction paragraph

Body Paragraph Hamburger -- Example of formating your body paragraph

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph

Research Paper Checklist

Peer Editing Checklist

How to make a Works Cited Page

Don't forget to look at the Dust Bowl sample paper we highlighted in class!

I'm finished writing the paper, now what?
use the checklist
use the rubric
type control (ctrl) F in google doc for a search box to pop up. Search for words such as them, they, he, she, the, it, stuff, things, good, bad, very --- try to fix those words if you use them a lot. Change up your words, use precise language!

Monday 10/14

  • Finish yellow planning packet
  • Write Hook for intro paragraph

Tuesday 10/15

  • Given rubric for the paper
  • Write 'road map' sentence (from the first page of the yellow planning packet)
  • Changing the main idea (from body paragraphs yellow packet) into topic sentences

Wednesday 10/16

  • Write intro paragraph (Hook, Background on Topic, Road Map Sentence)
  • Write Body paragraph 1 (use the yellow packet as your outline) (Topic Sentence, 3 Details, Closing Sentence)

Thursday 10/17

  • Write Body paragraphs 2 and 3

Friday 10/18

  • Write the conclusion paragraph